Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer break has started..

We finished up our home school year last Friday, so this past Monday, we had an end of the school year party.  We had pizza and cupcakes, watched a movie and did some fun science experiments.  We also made that gloopy Borax and glue mixture that should provide at least 3 months' worth of entertainment, right?  

The older kids will still have some summer reading to do, as well as an occasional math worksheet.  I am paying for a subscription to for my youngest and so far I like it pretty well, so he'll be doing that frequently during the summer.

I have big and vague crafty plans for the summer.  Big because I want to get a lot done and vague because I don't know exactly what I want to do, but I'm sure that will resolve itself in time.  As for right now, I just finished my Easiest Sew Along Ever project.  I used this tutorial to do a QAYG pouch, but only followed it for the QAYG portion and put the rest together by myself.  I definitely learned some things, like how important it is to edge stitch on the sides of the zipper, since the lining fabric got good and stuck and I nearly ended up ripping it apart.  I did a little edge stitching after the fact, which looks ugly, but solved the problem.  Also, I learned that seam rippers are not indestructible.  I tried to pry out the corners of the pouch a little more and this is what happened.  

Overall, I like it a lot, especially the way it feels.

I have made progress on a Star Wars quilt I am making for my nephew.  I have all the blocks cut out and the center panel (see below) ready, so now I just need to sew everything together and baste and quilt and bind.  Easy peasy.

I got the idea for the center panel from this picture on flickr.  I love that Constellations print as the background.  The stars really seem to stand out and twinkle when looking at it in person.  I would really like to get a bundle of this line before it is hard to find.


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  1. Love the Star Wars quilt! Can't wait to see it finished.