Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Progress being made..

So, I have completed the Star Wars quilt top and here's what we've got so far..

I was planning on using Crest in Lilac from the Shelburne Falls line for most of the backing, but will need to piece quite a bit to make it work.  I have some left over Star Wars fabric and then I will just have to see what I do about the rest.

This is a quilt top that I finished several months ago and it is for my oldest son.  He picked out this Riley Blake line, called Stars & Stripes, because he likes red & blue and the good ol' US of A.

I planned on backing it with this minky (I think that's what it's called) fabric.  I am a little intimidated to quilt it because it is really slinky and slippery and stretchy, but alas, forward I march.

Today I got in my fabrics from the Modern Low Volume Fat Quarter Swap.  Behold..

I also got in a fat eighth bundle of Happy-Go-Lucky by Bonnie and Camille for Moda from Knotted Thread's etsy shop.  This line is so pretty!  I already have several Thimble Blossoms patterns, like the famous SwoonJuggle and Fireworks.  I'm thinking about going with Fireworks with this fabric stack.

I took advantage of some of Missouri Star Quilt Co.'s daily deals and landed a Glimma layer cake and a Happy-Go-Lucky layer cake (I guess I really like this fabric line, huh?).

My in-laws are flying in from Panamá on Sunday and I'm excited for their visit.  When they're here, I really don't have to cook, wash clothes or dishes or clean much of anything.  I don't ask my mother-in-law to do this, but she just does it anyway and over the years, I've learned to not get in her way.  There are a few disadvantages though, such as sleeping in the living room, since we don't have an extra bedroom, and, when they leave, none of my dishes are where they are supposed to be.  I think I still come out ahead on the deal regardless.

I want to make them a quilt to take back with them to decorate their bed with (it will not likely ever be used for covers since it's never colder than 75°F down there), so I've started trying to think about patterns and colors I could use.  Maybe I could make a table runner instead?  I already made my suegra (Spanish for mother-in-law; I'm fluent in Spanish fyi) an apron, so maybe some coasters and pot holders?  What would I make for my suegro?  Hmm... things to think about.  Any suggestions?


  1. pretty fabrics :-) and I love the Star Wars quilt - I have two boys who are obsessed with Star Wars!

    1. Thanks Deborah! This quilt is for my nephew, who, for Christmas, got the Star Wars 6 movie series on DVD. I thought this would be a good follow-up gift.

  2. Then I use minky I tend to add a layer of flannel in the centre of the sandwich. I find that this coupled with lots and lots of pins helps to stop the minky slipping.

    1. Thanks for the tip! Would batting work just as well in the middle or is flannel the best choice, do you think?

  3. Oh wow, how much beautiful fabric can you cram into one post, answer, a lot! Love them!! The Star Wars quilt top looks like fun :o) And good luck with the Minky, it feels great, but so slippery, i've never been brrave enough to try it yet!!