About Me..

Hi!  First and foremost, I am a follower of Jesus Christ, who tries (and mostly fails) to be more like Him.  I am a 30-ish stay-at-home-mom (for the time being) to Cesar (12), Janyce (9) and Nathan (4).  My husband works in commercial heating and air and is originally from Panama.
(San Carlos Beach, Panama)        (My daughter in the pollera, the national costume of Panama) 

I love languages and took years of Spanish, Latin and French, but Spanish is the only one that stuck and I am fluent.  I live in a suburb outside of Dallas, TX & have pretty much been here my whole life.  

I was laid off from my job in the mortgage industry in 2011 and decided I needed to pick up a hobby to keep me busy, so I started with crocheting and quickly moved to sewing and quilting.  I love fabric and quilting & sewing blogs, books and magazines.  I hope this blog allows me to share some of the things that I make and helps me to be more diligent in my creations.  Thanks for stopping by!

(My husband & children)

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