Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday Stash

I've added some pretties to my collection recently...

These came from the Anna Maria Horner charm square swap that Leona hosted on Flickr.  I love that they have such deep, rich tones.  I'm thinking rainbow-esque gradation from opposing corners towards middle.  

My wonderful sister picked up some fabric for me from Ikea (that I asked her to bring me)...

These 2 above are a home decor weight (which I did not know when I asked for them).  I'm thinking the bottom one would be great to make girls' tote bags or zipper pouches and they could color them in.  I'm really not sure what to do with the top one though.

This one is a home decor weight also that my sister picked out because she wants me to make some pillow covers for her couch pillows.

Here is the prolific "number words written out in cursive" that I think makes for a nice backing to a busy quilt top.  I got 5 yards of this stuff.

And I think this last one would make a really cute backing for a Briar Rose quilt top..

I also snuck in a few purchases at Joann's to take advantage of the 40% off some of the designer fabrics, plus I get an extra 20% off because I am was a home school teacher.  I bought quarter yards of several of the DS Quilts line..

And I bought some of Juliana Horner's line because I really love these greens..

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  1. I have to say what an absolutely beautiful photo that first shot is. It totally drew me in. I love your recent stashes - Briar Rose is sooo cute and the ikea fabric - I just bought my first batch too, for the backing of a busy quilt!!! haha!

  2. Gorgeous purchases. I have that 'colour me in' ikea fabric too and was thinking of making pouches with it or using it for the backs of pillows.

  3. Ooh, that first photo is so yummy! I love the way you've arranged them and it definitely made me think "gradient quilt" too.

  4. I haven't used any Ikea fabric yet - obviously I'm miles away from one but every time I see one I just want to send somebody to get me some! Love your charm squares - you'll be able to do something so beautiful with those! :^)

  5. I love Ikea fabric and I've used the numbers fabric for a quilt backing and it was perfect for it. The home dec weight I used as backings for cushions.

  6. wow, really nice pretties in your stash!! ikea is always good source of home dec fabrics :) looking forward what you'll sew with those charm squares..

  7. wow, thats a lot of fabric - love the charms and the ikea fabric!!

  8. You have such a beautiful and bright stash! Envy~

  9. Oh my, that is what I would call a STASH! Wonderful!!!
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