Friday, November 1, 2013

My number is up!

It is my month to be Queen Bee of the Scrap-Bee-Licious quilting bee and I knew pretty much from the start that I wanted to to the X and + block, aka X Plus block.  I was inspired by this beautiful AMH X Plus quilt made by Holly of Bijou Lovely.  Since we've been in major move mode (which I talked about here) for the past month, I didn't have too much extra time to put towards dreaming about all the potential color schemes that I could request.  I did, however, have the chance to look through all my fabric as I carefully and sadly packed it away to be shipped across the waters and found an inspiration piece.


Liberty of London, Bloomsbury Collection, Copeland, Magenta Teal

So, my idea for the X Plus block is to use a dark gray-ish neutral print (see the left 3 prints below) for the Plus edges and to use a cream-ish neutral print (see the right 3 fabrics below) for the background of the X's.

Then I pulled fabrics from my stash to coordinate with the other colors in this print.

To make this block, I used the tutorial from Badskirt's blog, which can be found here, but to get a 12.5 in. unfinished block, I used the dimensions provided here and also here.  

This is the block that I came up with...

I don't love this color combination by itself, but I didn't have time to make another one.  I think it will look better once it joins its brother and sister blocks that my bee mates will be sending me.  I can't wait to see the blocks everyone comes up with!


  1. That is one of my favorite-ever prints too! Just yesterday I was looking at some online and dreaming of a dress. I know I can do this assignment. :) Thanks, Alyce!

  2. Working on a X & + quilt right now that my wonderful bee mates helped with. My colors are "Alabama Red", Grey, White, and Black. It is a "non tacky version" of an Alabama quilt!

  3. Love the color scheme for these ♥♥ Great inspiration print! I don't have any dark gray prints like these, but I have some dark gray solid - are you set on prints? I'm sure I can handle another excuse for a fabric shopping trip if you are!

    I recall quite early on in my quilting days (hahaha probably February or March of this year), the x plus block becoming very popular and I felt sort of bored by it - now I'm excited to be making a couple! I don't know if I'd want a whole x plus quilt, but I love sampling different blocks and making new things ♥ I'm sad I won't be able to start these until later this month, augh!

  4. I am so excited you chose this block. I love it! Your color choices are fabulous - right in my own color comfort zone. This might push me to actually make enough blocks for a quilt of my own.

  5. It will be lovely once all together. Have fun!